Welcome to my heritage pages. I have been researching my ancestry for over thirty years. My explorations have taken me to many wonderful places including Germany, Holland, Pennsylvania, and Southern Indiana. I hope you enjoy this voyage as much as I have enjoyed discovering it. If you find any discrepancies or would like to confirm my information please e-mail me at ken@kennethknapp.com.
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Kenneth Raymond Knapp
Born: March 18, 1937
Haubstadt, Indiana


Maternal Heritage

Katherine Matilda Gastenveld
Born: October 26, 1906
Evansville, Indiana

 April 28, 1936
Navelton, Indiana
Paternal Heritage

Henry John Knapp
November 21, 1903
St. James, Indiana

Gastenveld Descendants            Grandparents            Knapp Descendants

Anna Cecilia Dalkner
Born: May 17, 1870
Evansville, Indiana
October, 11, 1893
Evansville, Indiana

Lambert John Gastenveld
Born: October 7, 1870
Posey Co, Indiana

Theresa Baumgart
Born: August 15, 1868
February 19, 1889
St Joseph, Indiana

John Adam Knapp
February 18, 1864
St. Wendel, Indiana